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1st PSC meeting_Bari 6-12-2012 Opening Event_Bari 7-12-2012 2ndPSC meeting_Bar 28/2 - 1/3/2013 Benchmarking Seminar_Bar 1-3-2013 BPICo competition_22-3-2013 ACVADELOP Symposium_Constanta 20-22/6/2013 ESPO Conference_Varna 30-31/5/2013 OLIG 1st Round Table_Igoumenitsa 17-6-2013 RNA 1st Round Table_19-6-2013 BPICo 1st Round Table_Bourgas 19-6-2013 BPICo 1st Round Table_Varna 20-6-2013 APC final Conference Venice 20-6-2013 3rdPSC Dubrovnik 27-28/6/2013 Port of Bar_1st Round Table_9-8-2013 Coast Expo_Ferrara 18-20 September MESAEP_Istanbul_28/9-1/10/2013 RNA 2nd Round Table_19-9-2013 Training Course 13&14 November 2013 4th PSC meeting - Constanta, 15-11-2013 DurresPA_1stRoundTable_11-12-2013 LevantePA's 2nd Round Table_Bari 23/1/2014 DurresPA_2ndRoundTable_12-2-2014 OLPA_1stRoundTable_13-2-2014 Port of Bar_2nd Round Table_28-2-2014 BPICo_2ndRoundTable_19-3-2014_Bourgas BPICo_2ndRoundTable_20-3-2014_Varna 1st International Conference_Tirana 3-4-2014 5th PSC meeting_Tirana, 4-4-2014 OLIG's 2nd Round Table & Technical Seminar_16-4-2014 Expokos Fair_Pristine (Kosovo) 14-17 May 2014 DubrovnikPA_2ndRoundTable_22-4-2014 RNA Technical Seminar_21-5-2014 BrindisiPA_2ndRoundTable_22-5-2014 TEIEP & NIMH bilateral meeting in Thessaloniki_30-5-2014 OLPA's Technical Seminar_Patras 13-6-2014 BPICo TechnicalSeminar_Bourgas 24-6-2014 BPICo TechnicalSeminar_Varna 25-6-2014 Port of Bar Technical Seminar_27-6-2014 6th PSC meeting_Arta 30 June & 1 July 2014 Technical Seminar by DurresPA on 18-7-2014 IDRA14_Bari 8-10 Sept. 2014 DubrovnikPA Technical Seminar_9-9-2014 Projects’ fair in Podgorica, Montenegro_19 Sept. 2014 2nd International Conference - Varna, 16-9-2014 7th PSC meeting - Varna, 17-9-2014 NEXTWORK FORUM_Taranto 2-4/10/2014 Work and Study 2014 FAIR_Tirana 3-5/10/2014 LevantePA's Technical Seminar_Bari 6/10/2014 Transport and Logistics Fair 2014, Skopje 14-18/10/2014 Technical Meeting by BrindisiPA_16-10-2014 logitrans 2014, Istanbul 19-21/11/2014 Tirana International Trade Fair 2014_22-26/11/2014 Promotional Conference_Durres, 12-12-2014 8thPSC meeting_Bari 16-12-2014 Task Force Official Event_Bari 17-12-2014 INFO STANDS realised


To work jointly on eco-routes


To provide the decision-makers with the useful tools & policies that will help them plan the future common model for the efficiency of the Trans-European Network corridors